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July 17, 2018

Christian Media



Part VI


In Part V of Escape From Planet Egypt, we diverted from the chronological revision of the parallel timelines connecting Egyptian, and other Gentile  secular histories, with the Biblical record. Because the catastrophic era was punctuated by the 10 plagues of the Passover (followed by the parting of the Red Sea), we discerned the conditions were related to a “Planetary Flyby” in which the planet Mars periodically crossed over the orbit of the Earth, and the resultant collision of energy fields (which are intrinsic to all planetary bodies) created incredibly destructive events.

Immanuel Velikovsky’s investigation of the distortion of ancient historical chronologies was similarly impacted, as he also concluded that an earlier, erratic orbit of Mars generated chaotic conditions, with a periodicity he calculated to be every 53 years. Later catastrophists, who were profoundly affected by Velikovky’s epic conclusions – notably a scientist named Donald Patten – refined the mathematics, and estimated that the “flybys,” (think Passovers) of Mars occurred every 54 years.

Using computer models, Patten showed that every other flyby was more destructive, indicating a 108 year cycle. Utilizing ancient historical records, Velikovsky and Patten projected the Passovers to alternate between dates in March and October. The month of March, for example, originates with Marchesvan, meaning Mars’ month.

Scientist Patten has calculated that every 10th orbital crossing would have been especially destructive – thus projecting  the timing between mega-catastrophes to be 540 years. Further, because orbits are very precise, he was able to tie multiple destructions to various ancient writings, which documented  mysterious disasters – including key events in the Bible. 

Even though the last catastrophic episode was in 702 BC, the memory of over 1,000 years of periodic destructions was so powerful that the Apostle Paul still encountered fervent belief in the Planetary deity in the first century AD, at the temple of Mars (called the Aeropagus) in Athens, when he travelled to what the Romans had dubbed Mars Hill.

Perhaps the most important take away from these theoretical systems was the knowledge that when planetary bodies come too close to each other, an energy discharge takes place. Based on his knowledge of ancient writings, Velikovsky anticipated this, but the phenomenon was not proven to occur until after Velikovsky’s demise in 1979.

As a result of the NASA Voyager space probes which were launched after Velikovsky was gone, scientists were astonished to photograph a continuous electrical energy beam, which was observed jumping from Jupiter to one of its moons. Jupiter’s moon Io orbits in close proximity to the large planet, and a massive (and continuous) electrical “thunderbolt” is the result.

Calling it a “flux tube,” based on the mass and projected distance between the Earth and Mars during these repetitive interactions, it has now been estimated the continuous energy bolt that raked the surface of the planet could have generated a billion watts – and it might have been a mile wide!

Anything directly in its path would have been instantly vaporized, and it would have been accompanied by a massive shock wave – referred to as a “blast” in several Scriptural references to the phenomenon. A good example is found in Isaiah, where the prophet speaks of a “blast” which the LORD sends via His “terrible ones.”

“For thou hast been a…refuge from the storm….when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall” (Isaiah 25:4).

In addition to several Scriptural references, the ancients who were just beginning to study science also wrote about these epic occurrences. As the Old Testament places the end of the catastrophic era at about 702 BC, when all of the world’s calendars were inexplicably found to be inaccurate (because the Earth’s orbit was slightly changed), by the time of the Greek and Roman historians and writers, they were all reciting from earlier records as their generation had never seen such phenomenon.

In about 400 BC, Plato wrote about a famous Greek governor named Solon (638-558 BC) who journeyed to Egypt, where the writing recounted an epic conversation Solon had with an aged Egyptian priest. The citation is recorded in a writing called Timaeus:

“There have been and there will be many and divers destructions of mankind, of which the greatest are by fire and water…that story, as it is told, has the fashion of a legend, but the truth of it lies in the occurrence of a shifting of the bodies in the heavens which move around the earth, and a destruction of the things on the earth by fierce fire, which recurs at long intervals(Plato, Timaeus, 22 C-D, emphasis mine).

Centuries later, after the Romans rose to prominence, the knowledge the Greeks had accumulated was passed down. For instance, the Roman writer Seneca (54 BC – 39 AD), taught that there were two kinds of lightning, and he said “lesser bolts” were commonly accompanied by rain storms. However, Seneca also spoke of a certain type of “thunderbolt,” which he described as “the lightning bolts of Jupiter” (Catastrophism and the Old Testament, Donald Patten, page 98).

Addressing the same subject, another literate Roman intellectual named Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD), writing about his then rudimentary scientific studies, recorded the following:

“Most men are not acquainted with a truth known to the students of science from their arduous study of the heavens, that thunderbolts are the fires of the three upper planets(Natural History, Pliny, ii 45.)

When they first encounter this type of documentation, many believers become concerned because these are technical explanations of what the Bible says are judgments of God. However, it’s clear the LORD uses the natural properties of His creation for His purposes. Moreover, because this information shows the systemic and repetitive nature of the powers inherent in the heavens, some consider this knowledge to be dangerous to the faith.

For example, this data clearly suggests that the fire from heaven, which fell on Sodom and Gomorrah, would also have been linked to one of the catastrophes generated by Mars – who is definitely linked to Baal.

However, the Word of God also clearly says that angels came to Sodom to warn Lot and his family because the judgment was imminent. Obviously, there is no science which would explain away the presence of angelic visitors who intelligently interacted with Lot, and told him to take his family and leave the cursed city. Furthermore, as we shall see, there are multiple episodes in Scripture where an ancient prophetic figure was clearly aware that one of these judgments was about to occur.  

A good example of people chosen by God to respond to His leading is found in the book of Judges. After the Israelites left Egypt to settle in Canaan, they regularly turned away from the LORD –- embracing the star gods known as Ashtaroth (the feminine Spiritual identity related to the planet Venus) and Baalim (the masculine Spiritual identity related to Mars) -- and when the LORD punished Israel by removing His blessing, they were usually oppressed by the Gentile nations in the region.

When the young Israelite nation was conquered by the Canaanites a few centuries after the Exodus, they repented and turned back to the LORD. The Bible tells us this occurred long before they had their first king, as the people had a rudimentary form of government in which they were ruled by tribal elders called Judges.

The Hebrew Scriptures further describe multiple battles between the children of Israel, and various factions of the Canaanites – including the dreaded Amalekites. In this regard, the tribe of Judah sought to remain faithful to the LORD’s instructions to drive the wicked inhabitants out of their portion of the promised land, but they were unsuccessful.

“Judah took Gaza with the coast thereof, and Askelon with the coast thereof, and Ekron…And the LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron. And they gave Hebron unto Caleb as Moses said: and he expelled thence the three sons of Anak(Judges 1:18-20).

The children of Anak were the line of the giants – also called the Anakim, or the Annunaki – which were related to the lineage of the Nephilim (the fallen angels) that bred with the daughters of men. In Genesis 6 where we see the story of the hybrid children of these unholy unions, we find the presence of giants. As we’re about to examine a particular episode in the book of Judges, the presence of the Nephilim lineage places the tale shortly after Joshua led the children of Israel into Canaan.

“And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers” (Numbers 13:33).

It is self evident the science of metallurgy – in which the Canaanites were armed with chariots of iron – gave them a superior tactical advantage. The Mesopotamian writings – those apostate writings which we call the Baal Bible – tell us it was the “fallen ones” (the fallen angels called the Nephilim) – who taught mankind the science of metallurgy. Ironically, the term Annunaki can also be read as the mingled ones, as in the concept of alloys, in which metals are mingled.

Thus, it is informative that the sons of Anak are mentioned in the portion of Scripture which reveals the fact the Canaanites held power over the Israelites “because they had chariots of iron“ (Judges 1:19). To put it another way, the presence of the Anakim, at the time the iron chariots were utilized to dominate the Israelites, is an indication this weaponry was provided by the fallen ones.

The Canaanites (who were allied with the Amalekites), were equipped with a significant military force comprised of a company of 900 iron chariots led by a general named Sisera. The Scriptures indicate the Israelites had no such capability.

As Israel repented of sacrificing to Ashtaroth and the Baalim, the LORD called Deborah, a prophetess, to recruit a man named Barak, because she said that God was about to deliver Israel. Deborah instructed Barak to lure Sisera to the River Kishon.

The text tells us that during the fight, the Canaanites miraculously lost the battle, Sisera abandoned his iron chariot, and was subsequently killed. In what is called the Song of Deborah (which is essentially a victory anthem), the prophet tells us the victory came from heaven:

“The kings came and fought, then fought the kings of Canaan in Taanach by the waters of Megiddo…They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera. The river of Kishon swept them away…Then were the horsehoofs broken by the means of the pransings, the pransing of their mighty ones” Judges 5:19-22).

Thus, the LORD tipped the scales back toward His chosen with a judgment that was specifically tailored to devastate the Canaanites. As the planet Mars was again approaching the Earth, Barak and Deborah drew Sisera and his 900 chariots of iron into a battle within a body of water, and the electrical discharge of Baal (the flux tube of electricity generated when Mars/Baal appeared in close proximity to the Earth), electrocuted the soldiers driving the iron chariots, which acted like a lightning rod. It was at that point that Sisera abandoned his chariot, and fled in panic on foot.

“Sisera lighted off his chariot, and fled away on his feet” (Judges 4:15).

Not only does the Song of Deborah tells us that it was the stars in their orbital trajectories which “fought from heaven” against Sisera, the text tells us it was “their mighty ones” which broke the horsehoofs of the chariots.

This is a veiled reference to the two moons of Mars, later named Deimos and Phobos (Greek names meaning fear and panic), which would have contributed to the tremendous terror which was intrinsic to the frenetic fight. The Scriptures tell us these “mighty ones” were “pransing” in what must have been an exceedingly violent victory. 

We suspect the retrograde spin of the two moons of Mars, then highly visible to the naked eye, gave the visual impression that they were angelic horsemen accompanying Mars/Baal. Thus, centuries later when many other appearances of Mars/Baal had devastated an untold number of the people’s lives, the Greek writers followed this literary tradition by labeling the two moons of Mars as the equine steeds of Aries.

Indeed, when the early Roman religionists adopted the Greek Aries (who was actually the Canaanite deity named Baal) and dubbed him Mars (as the “god” of war), they practiced two ceremonies honouring Mars – and in these somber pageants, they sacrificed two horses.

Unfortunately, because the historians who research such things have rejected the timelines found in the Holy Bible, the “experts” are largely unaware of the reason the occasion involved horses.

Intriguingly, the two Roman holy days venerating Mars occurred in March and October – and have been found to coincide with pivotal dates in the old Hebrew calendar, wherein we may calculate when the ancient Passovers occurred. Intriguingly, the Roman date of March 20 equivocates with the 13th of Nisan – or Friday the 13th.

This is probably the original source of the superstition surrounding the now legendary date. 


-- James Lloyd


To Be Continued



Christian Media has an eye-opening, on-demand video elaborating on the crucial facts seen in the above article — which also includes predictions concerning the enormous turn of events associated with the present political tumult in America – especially with reference to the American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the political state known as Israel.  We also publish a regularly issued companion letter commenting on the material seen in each chapter of ESCAPE FROM PLANET EGYPT. The latest edition of that letter (entitled the Christian Median MINISTRY STATUS REPORT), has even more prophetic projections concerning the amazing explosion of prophetic understanding which has occurred at the Christian Media ministry.

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